SHARECONTRACEPT, a shared decision-making tool for hormonal contraception

Plain English Summary

Background and study aims
Decision-making tools represent a paradigm shift in the relationship between the clinician and the user/patient. They offer the advantage of compromising the patient, especially in those decisions that are sensitive to their preferences and values when there is more than one reasonable health option, they reduce the stressful burden that uncertainty can cause due to lack of information, and increase the proportion of people active in the management and management of their health. Allowing the user to freely access them from any digital device, not necessarily located in a clinic, at any time, facilitates personal reflection in making the decision that best suits their preferences, needs and state of health. However, there is a lack of research studies that demonstrate that online digital decision making tools in contraception provide advantages in relation to pre-technological care/attention. The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of a decision-making tool in contraception (SHARECONTRACEPT:

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